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A List of the Top 8 Technology Blogs That Every Student Needs to Read

08/23/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Technology

You can't reject technology, whether your interest is in space exploration or in the apps available on your smartphone. Unlike software engineers, you probably don't have much personal interaction with technology, yet it permeates your life anyway. Become a tech guru by subscribing to websites that cover the latest developments in the industry. Depending on how much you know about IT and how interested you are in it, you can read the headlines or dig into the smallest details.

Confused about how to get started studying technology as a non-specialist? See the recommended reading list on technology blogs that we compiled.

1. Review of Technology at MIT
The blog covers a wide variety of tech-related issues, all covered by experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Whether it's artificial intelligence, smart cities, climate change, or healthcare software, you may live out your sci-fi dreams in the most forward-thinking manner possible.

In addition to articles, the site also recommends podcasts, which are recorded dialogues between experts. If you're short on time but still want the greatest college essays possible, you may always hire a research paper writing service. This while browsing your favorite websites.

Why choose "MIT Technology Review"?

  • It was put out by one of the oldest colleges in the United States.
  • It has articles written by experts in their fields, and all of the information in it has been through a strict peer review process.
  • For individuals who learn best by listening, there is a podcast available.


2. The Techcrunch Blog
This blog is an absolute lifesaver if you're majoring in business management or finance. Technology and its use in business are covered in depth by the bloggers. The majority of their studies center on new technology companies and the methods they use to establish their businesses. We recommend that you join TechCrunch as soon as possible if you want to launch a software business of your own.

If you're looking for a reason to check out "TechCrunch," how about this?

  • You may find a wealth of information on apps, credit cards, and loans, in addition to the most recent business news in the IT sector and the financial markets.
  • For those with a passion for finance, there is excellent news: Extra Crunch membership is now available on the blog.
  • By selecting this option, you'll be able to access the most up-to-date business cases in full detail.


3. BGR
For Millennials interested in technology, this blog ranks well. Why so? It seems like everyone is interested in learning how to make their cellphones better. Nothing about this should come as a shock. In turn, the latter became a passport to a wider globe for today's youth: advanced technological options meant greater possibilities.

For those with no prior knowledge of mobile devices or electronics, this blog is a fantastic place to start. You can always find an article discussing either the newest applications available for download or the ones that are in need of an update.

You may be wondering, "Why "BGR"?"

  • You may get shopping instructions and reviews of the newest tech goods before you purchase them.
  • You can learn everything there is to know about mobile apps and smartphones.
  • The site instructs you on how to make informed selections with regards to commonplace technology.


ReadWrite is an excellent tool for anybody thinking about a future in online or social media development. They go across a wide range of seemingly unconnected subjects. Finance technology, smart cities, the media, online development, and social media are all examples of the latter.

Ecosystem is the crucial term here. All of these seemingly unconnected issues are essential to the reader's understanding of business as a system. Doesn't today's corporate world function without web development and social media? Get up to speed on financial technology, and you'll be set.


You are welcome to join the ranks of the blog's many satisfied readers. This book is for everyone who wants to learn how to utilize technology, whether they are computer gurus or not. The blog's author will provide advice on how to enhance the user's experience in terms of security, efficiency, and personal information. Each day, it will also provide you with tips on how to better incorporate modern technology into your life. Even if you despise technology today, after reading this article, you will come to like it. Try it! There's no charge for it.


6. Computer World
Now is the time to start reading Computer World if you want to be a top-tier business software developer in the future. Readers interested in using digital solutions to improve the efficiency of corporate operations are the target audience for this app. This blog will show you how to combine your knowledge of how to run a business with cutting-edge IT strategies.

If you're not interested in computers, why bother reading "Computer World"?

  • Undoubtedly, you'll discover everything you've ever wanted to know about computers but were too embarrassed to ask.
  • You'll get insight into the ways in which technology has influenced contemporary business.


7. World of Technology News
The description is implied by the name. Not enough time to read up on the most recent technological developments? Subscribing to this blog is free. The latest in networking, mobile, and desktop computing is all here. Data management, programming, and gaming are just a few of the specialized areas covered by its several channels.

If you're having trouble deciding what to read, try the site's "Most Popular" tab.

The blog posts mostly discuss the issues that the software helps businesses with. Once again, this is a fantastic opportunity to combine IT management with business operations.


8. Boing Boing
Discovering "Boing Boing," one of the first tech blogs, is a lot of fun. There are just four main parts to the site, and the layout is quite similar to that of the advertisement.

As opposed to being a simple technology blog, Boing Boing operates more like its own system. Find whatever it is you're looking for using the site's handy search bar. Meanwhile, you may save money on gadgets and software by browsing the store.


Learn how to pick and select which programs can really help you instead of drowning in a sea of unnecessary options. Getting a brand new computer or smartphone is done the same way. Check out the blogs we've included in this post for extra helpful instruction on succeeding in today's high-tech industry.


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