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Five teacher blogs focus on technology in the classroom

08/25/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Technology

In today's technologically sophisticated world, instructors need to be able to utilize the same kinds of mobile apps that their students use in order to avoid slipping behind their pupils and falling farther and farther behind themselves. In order for teachers to effectively give courses that are entertaining, relevant, and up-to-date for their students, it is imperative that they take advantage of the many online resources that are at their disposal. The procedure involves locating a number of interesting blog entries and reading through them all, which is a vital part of the process.


Educators who want to keep up with the rapidly developing blogosphere might do so, for example, by reading blogs that discuss the use of technology in the classroom, including blogs that are focused on a particular topic as well as blogs that cover a broader variety of subjects. A teacher of English, for example, may gain something from reading blogs that aren't just focused on teaching literature and language but also blogs that are written specifically with the intention of assisting teachers in becoming more skilled in the application of technology. These blogs can be found on a variety of websites. The blogs that are most effective in this space are the ones that put an emphasis on equipping educators with the knowledge and abilities they need to properly integrate digital material into their lesson plans.

When it comes to discussing how technology should be used in schools, the following five blogs are among the most well-known and respected:

To start, there is Richard Byrne's article titled "Free Technology for Teachers," which may be seen at this link.
After spending more than ten years away from the classroom in order to concentrate on writing and consulting, educator and author Richard Byrne has every intention of getting back into the classroom. Google has certified Richard as an educator, and he is also an author. From the beginning of the site, he has been looking out for its best interests, and as a result, Free Technology for Teachers has been the recipient of many Edublogs Awards in recent years. It has a daily audience of around 45,000 people and is widely regarded as an absolute standard in the sector in which it operates. This educator blog provides up-to-date information on educational technology by way of blog posts that are published on or around a daily basis (via e-mail or RSS subscription), as well as links to Google Tutorials, free downloads, lists of essential educator resources, guides to the creation of educational videos, and information about Android as an asset in schools. In addition, this educator blog provides information about Android as an asset in schools.


The second place goes to Michael Gorman's book, "Learning and Technology in the Twenty-First Century."
Blogger Michael Gorman is widely regarded as a subject matter authority in his field, and he often delivers presentations on the topic of integrating various forms of technology into instructional settings. Within the realm of educational technology blogs, his personal blog, which is titled 21st Century Technology and Learning, is the most renowned example of its sort. This website was recognized as one of the Top 50 Education Innovators and one of the Top 40 Most Trusted Education Blogs according to the respective rankings. I am delighted to congratulate you on your successes. In addition to subject posts, this website also has a section that has been dubbed "The Goldmine of Free Resources, Tools, Courses, and PD." This area gives users access to over 240 different lessons, a worldwide discussion forum, and many tools that may be used for research, teaching, and cooperation. In addition, the website has several entries on various topical subjects.


3. Jacqui Murray is the author of the piece entitled "Ask a Technology Teacher."
Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could talk with another person about when and how to integrate technology in your lesson planning? Ms. Murray, for example, is the brains behind the well-known website Ask a Tech Teacher, has developed a technology curriculum for kindergarten through sixth grade, and has written and published five books on the subject of incorporating technology into the classroom. Her educational blog is oriented on the nuts and bolts of incorporating technology into the classroom, and she connects her readers to resources such as evaluations of useful applications, lesson ideas that incorporate technology, and even grant possibilities. The opportunity to leave comments is available to subscribers, in addition to viewing the blog.


4. Educators Working in the Primary and Primary Education Technology Fields
"the place to discuss plans, ideas, resources, frustrations, and anything else that is relevant to teaching and utilizing technology," as described by the creators of Primary Tech Teachers. "the place to discuss plans, ideas, resources, and anything else that is relevant to teaching and utilizing technology." "the location to discuss plans, ideas, resources, and anything else that is pertinent to teaching and using technology," in this context meaning "the place to discuss teaching and employing technology." Users have access to active community forums, and the website's blogs aren't written by just one person; rather, they are written by a number of different people and published collectively. Visitors have a more comprehensive understanding of the most current innovations and concepts related to educational technology as a result of this. Even though podcasts and SmartBoards are becoming more common in schools, it is important for students to use these technologies as conversation starters to help them learn.


5. Cyndi Danner-Technology Bits, Bytes, and Nibbles As Kuhn explains it
Teachers who are interested in expanding their understanding of the ways in which technology may be used in the classroom will find this website to be an invaluable resource. Rather than focusing on the "geek" or "techie" aspects of education in technology, the author of this essay, Cyndi Danner-Kuhn, a professor at Kansas State University and the Education Technology Integration Coordinator at Kansas State, chose to center her discussion on the positive effects that technology can have on people. In her blog, she looks into how technology is used in schools in general, with an emphasis on the iPad as the main tool she uses to do her research.


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