Here is a list of 30 houseplants that need little to no involvement in the landscape (and their care instructions).

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Find out which of the available options is most suited to your present set of skills.


It's possible that even a small number of indoor plants might have a significant effect on the atmosphere of your home. Indoor plants not only improve the aesthetic value of a space, but they also have a number of practical benefits, including reducing stress levels, purifying the air, and providing a sensation of being close to nature even when the person is not really outside. Therefore, do not let the fact that you do not have access to an outside area or experience with gardening prohibit you from putting your green thumb to work indoors.


The following is a list of thirty indoor plants that come highly recommended by our staff. These plants range in size from those that need very little space to those that have the potential to mature into full-fledged trees (if you have just a bit more room to work with). Because they do not need a great quantity of sunshine, many of these plants are perfect for situations in which there are just a few windows available. It's okay if you don't have much of a green thumb; everyone needs to begin their gardening careers from the very beginning. Most of these plants can be cared for with very little effort. There is a houseplant here that will appeal to anybody, regardless of their level of gardening expertise, aesthetic tastes, or the amount of room they have in their home. Here is a list of the 30 best houseplants that you can use to turn your home into a beautiful indoor garden.


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1. Succulents


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The degree of care advised is low.


Your home could use some greenery, and this arrangement of four succulents from Urban Outfitters will do the trick without requiring a lot of attention or maintenance on your part.


2. Plant ZZ

Plant ZZ

The degree of care advised is low.


ZZ plants are ideal for those who have a tendency to forget to water their plants rather than to overwater them. This is because ZZ plants need less water than other types of plants. It is recommended by Bloomscape that it be placed in an area that receives indirect sunlight. Nevertheless, it is possible for it to thrive in lighting conditions that are less than optimal if that is all you have to work with.


3. The Spectacular African Violet

Because it contains seeds for African violet plants, the 50-pack of violet seeds is an excellent choice for a flower seed to grow in a home garden.

The Spectacular African Violet


The degree of care advised is low.


Because they flourish indoors in bright, indirect light, African violets are houseplants that need little care and attention.


4. Bonsai Juniper

Bonsai Juniper


The degree of care advised is low.


The Juniper bonsai trees you can buy on don't need much care and would look great in a modern home.


5. A Plant That Produces Citrus Fruits

A Plant That Produces Citrus Fruits

Clementine Tree, which Is Quite Simple to Peel

Quick-Pick Clementine Plant



The degree of care advised is low.


If you place this clementine tree in your home as a decorative accent, you'll soon find yourself thinking about spending the summer in an exotic location.


6. Rubber-producing plants and herbs

Scene from a stylish living room corner

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 Rubber-producing plants and herbs

The level of attention required is moderate.


As is the case with the vast majority of the other plants in this area, the rubber plant requires a significant amount of sunshine that is diffused. You should only water it if the soil is totally devoid of moisture. Another advantage of rubber plants is that they are effective natural air cleaners. Rubber trees and shrubs may be found all over the world. Place them in an area from which you can quickly go outdoors to reach the spot where you wish to rest.


7. Necklace of Pearls

This is a lovely and fresh way to express yourself. string-of-pearls These plants are by far the strangest and most interesting ones I've ever encountered in my life.

Photographic work done by Maria Nikiforovagety

Necklace of Pearls


The level of difficulty ranges from easy to moderate.


This plant will quickly produce long strands of pearls if kept in strong indirect light and watered so that the soil maintains a constant moisture level of around 50%.You should hang your succulent plant so that its trailing roots can grow outside of the container.


8. Pilea

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The level of attention required is moderate.


This plant requires dappled sunshine, the watering technique known as "drench-and-dry" (which involves thoroughly wetting the soil and then allowing it to dry out), and weekly misting. Even though the dramatic spherical leaves demand attention, all that is required to bring out the plant's one-of-a-kind beauty is a basic container like the one shown here from The Joy of Plants.


9. Aspergillus fiddle-leaf

Sword-like Fig Tree

Aspergillus fiddle-leaf


The degree of care advised is low.


Although indirect sunlight is ideal, any source of strong light can suffice in a pinch. This plant should be watered once the top inch of soil has been allowed to completely dry. Put it in a corner to create a daring design statement, just as they did in this apartment that was featured on Design*Sponge.


10. A flowering plant that is sure to capture your heart

A close-up view of the blooms on a love plant from above

Pictures of Evergreen Trees That Are Simply Unbearably Beautiful and Cannot Be Ignored

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A flowering plant that is sure to capture your heart

The degree of care advised is low.


The adorable little plant that looks like a heart and is known as Hoya kerrii may be purchased as a single leaf cutting or as a complete trailing plant. According to The Sill, this low-maintenance succulent just has to be watered once every three to four weeks and thrives in bright, direct sunlight. Other than that, it does not need any special care. To complete the look, you may display it on the window sill of your home.


11. Anthurium

Anthurium is a flower that is pink in color.




The level of attention required is moderate.


This plant, which is well-known for its waxy, heart-shaped flowers with a huge stamen in the centre of each one, needs watering once every one to two weeks and periodic fertilizer applications.


12. The Paradise Bird

a large living room with lots of windows, a large indoor plant, plenty of copy space, and books on tabletop shelves

The Paradise Bird


The level of attention required is moderate.


This plant requires a lot of direct sunlight in order to thrive, but it may make do with less if that's all that's available. It is recommended by Bloomscape that you fertilize it often throughout the spring and summer months, but, other than that, it takes very little care as long as you do not overwater it.


13. Snake Plant

The Croton molurus, more often known as the Snake Plant,

Snake Plant


The degree of care advised is low.


These plants, which are also known as Mother-in-Tongue, thrive in indirect light and need only very few waterings; when you do water them, you should wait until the soil has fully dried up before doing so. You may use it to spruce up a dull corridor by putting it in a tall planter, as shown in A House in the Hills. This will allow you to use it effectively.


14. Begonia

cultorum Begonia rex



The degree of care advised is low.


Between waterings, the soil in which begonias are grown must be completely dry, much like aloe and kalanchoe. Strangely enough, this plant does well when it is exposed to fluorescent light, which makes it an excellent choice for the office.


15. Peperomia, also known as strawberry

A gorgeous watermelon peperomia plant that requires little care and comes potted in a container measuring 4 inches in diameter.

Peperomia, also known as strawberry


The degree of care advised is low.


Peperomia argyreia, more commonly known as the watermelon begonia, is a species of plant that is native to the northern parts of South America and belongs to the family Piperaceae. Do not be misled by the names of these plants; watermelons and begonias are not linked in any way to this particular plant.


16. Kalanchoe

Peperomia, also known as strawberry


The degree of care advised is low.


Cooking with kalanchoe may be a wonderful way to perk yourself up and feel better overall. This plant prefers a dry environment and will continue to produce flowers all the way through the winter. After giving the soil a thorough soaking, you need to wait for it to dry out.


17. Air Plant

Those plants that can survive in the open air.

Planta aerea, most often known as Tillandsia,

Air Plant


The level of attention required is moderate.


Even though these plants may be successful in practically any setting (though bright, indirect light is preferable for them), they need a weekly soak that lasts for ten minutes. They are a fantastic addition to any terrarium you might have. If you want to add some variety to your plant collection, you'll be pleased to learn that there are many different varieties of air plants available for purchase today.


18. Calming Lily

The lily that symbolizes peace

How cool is that?

Calming Lily


The degree of care advised is low.


This plant thrives in bright but indirect light and should be watered only to the point when the top layer of soil is completely dry. Contrast the natural shape of the leaves with a container that has a more modern and streamlined appearance, such as this one from Pretty Nice.


19. The Philodendron, often known as the Split-leaf


Our home is constructed out of bricks.

The Philodendron, often known as the Split-leaf


The degree of care advised is low.


This plant thrives in well-drained soil that is consistently moist and in bright, indirect light. The ordinary planter that can be seen at The Brick House has been dipped in neon paint, which draws attention to the breathtakingly lush green leaves of the plant.


20. Asparagus Finch Fern

A gorgeous plant in the form of an asparagus fern contained inside a basket.

Asparagus Finch Fern


The degree of care advised is low.


Grow them in indirect light and provide them with a generous amount of water, taking care not to saturate the soil. Put the pot in a woven basket or hang it from a contemporary macrame holder to give the impression that you are going for a boho aesthetic.


21. Jade Plant


Jade Plant


The degree of care advised is low.


These plants just need a few hours of moderate light per day and a few moderate soakings once per week when the soil has completely dried up. You can really make the dark green leaves with red tips stand out if you put them in a pot that is the same color and pattern as the leaves of the plant.


22. The Plant Known as Aloe Vera

A Close-Up View of an Aloe Vera Plant Mounted on the Wall

The Plant Known as Aloe Vera


The degree of care advised is low.


If you want to successfully cultivate an aloe plant, be sure to provide it with plenty of sunshine and only water it once a week, allowing the soil to get totally dry in the meantime. It is recommended that you make use of a tall container in order to keep the plant's leaves off the ground. The board game Lines Across recommends planting aloe in a circular container and then painting it to appear like a pineapple before planting the aloe.


23. The Roots of Life

The Tree of the Dragon

The Roots of Life


The level of attention required is moderate.


The name of this plant, which has spikey leaves that grow vertically and are rimmed with crimson, is appropriate because of these characteristics. On the other hand, research suggests that extended exposure to sunlight may have negative health effects; thus, this individual needs a balance of sun and shade. The daring leaves look fantastic when displayed in the modern container.


24. Planta arachnid

A plant that eats meat, supported by a wooden stand.

Planta arachnid


The degree of care advised is low.


One of the easiest houseplants to maintain is known as the spider plant. All it needs for optimal growth is bright, indirect light and little watering. To draw attention to the rounded leaves of the plant, hang a dramatic planter from the ceiling.


25. Gardenia

Both gardenias and jasmine are in their peak bloom at the moment.



Expert-level attention


Gardenia flowers have a unique and irreplaceable sweet scent, but in order for them to grow, special care is required. However, since it needs six to eight hours of intense, direct sunlight each day (and growth lights are not sufficient), it is a wonderful alternative for an entryway.


26. Tradescantia

Pink tradescantia houseplants, seller in the United States, live plant in container interior, small beginning unusual fast-growing plants for home décor.



The degree of care advised is low.


In order to bring a cheery splash of color into the room, place this pink Tradescantia in a location where the temperature ranges from 60 to 80 degrees.


27. Plastic Cactus

Imitation of the West Elm Cactus

Plastic Cactus


The degree of care advised is low.


If you want to bring some greenery into your home but don't want to take care of real plants for a long time, West Elm's fake succulent is a great option for you to consider buying.


28. Bamboo

In the style of the 9greenbox Live 3 Party, a set of four bamboo plants, each planted in its own ceramic vase.


The degree of care advised is low.


You may give your house a unique look by putting some bamboo plants in a glazed ceramic vase and placing it somewhere prominent in the room.


29. Plant your own herbs!

The Third Generation of an Automatically Watering Indoor Garden

Plant your own herbs

The degree of care advised is low.


This indoor garden kit comes complete with three basil plant pods, an LED grow light, and a planter base that has the capacity to hold enough water to keep plants alive for an entire month.


30. The Chamaedorea, which is responsible for cataracts

The Chamaedorea, which is responsible for cataracts

The degree of care advised is low.

Chamaedorea cataractarum is a species of palm tree that can only be found in southern Mexico and Central America. It is also known as the cat palm, the cascade palm, and the cataract palm.



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