In 2023, the best free WordPress site builder will be available

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The top free WordPress site creator in the year 2023

This article, along with the individual articles for each page builder accessible through the icons below, should be read in its entirety if you're seeking the finest free WordPress page builders on the market. Now, you may evaluate each page builder and make an informed decision. While reviewing a page builder, we cover both the free and paid versions (where available).

The top 8 free Wordpress page builders

(1) Elementor

Now, about 5 million websites have Elementor installed. While the paid version of Elementor is excellent, the free one is the one I use most often. For optimal results, pair Elementor with a simple theme like Hello Elementor or another theme like Astra that has been optimized for usage with Elementor. There is a paid version of Astra as well as a free version. When it comes to building websites, Elementor is a breeze to use, and it has a wide variety of "third-party" plugins and unique themes to choose from. Elementor is the finest free WordPress website builder since its main rival, Divi, does not provide a free edition.

Second, Beaverbuilder

There was recently a huge update, and now BeaverBuilder is much more up-to-date. In particular, the page builder's ease of use has made it a hit among web design newbies. Beaverbuilder may be simple, but it can do almost anything. Beaverbuilder is unique among page builders in that it offers a white label, or the option to replace all Beaverbuilder branding with your own. In addition, Beaverbuilder allows you to fine-tune the design for any platform (desktop, tablet, or mobile) with a few clicks. By the way, Beaverbuilder is fully compatible with the widely used theme Astra Pro, since Astra includes several Beaverbuilder samples.

3. Zion Builder

You can get articles for the Zion Builder wherever you are these days. Perhaps none of these writers have ever heard of the Zion Builder.That's because it wasn't until this page builder was made accessible as a stand-alone plugin that it really started to gain traction. There has been a page builder around for perhaps eight years before that. I've been working on the Kallyas theme for a long time, and it's tucked away well. The theme itself is great for online stores, but the page builder, which allowed me to work with great precision, was the deciding factor for me. The Zion-Builder also includes a large number of widgets for integrating various tools and features into your websites.

4. Brizy

Since April of 2020, De Brizy's development has accelerated. The theme currently includes functionality like pop-ups and provides more than 400+ example designs from which to build. He's the youngest page builder we know of, and he's the only one who's used React to write his code. React is Facebook's newest Java script library. This seems to be the way of the future, and I doubt any competing website builders will include support for React very soon. As of late, Brizy has developed into a very effective page builder; the developers behind it have considered almost every possibility.

UX Builder, Number Five

The Flatsome Theme, which is among the finest for creating online stores, has the UX-Builder as one of its features. Even though it doesn't have the best reputation, UX-Builder deserves to be included among the best page builders available. It's essentially the same predicament Zion-Builder was in until they started selling their page builder as a plugin compatible with any theme. The UX-Builder may eventually be made available on its own.The Flatsome style is the only one at this time. It's a safe choice if you're planning to create a store, and you can try out the UX-Builder right away to see whether it meets your needs.

No.6: The Fusion Builder

The Fusion-Builder, like the Avada theme on which it is based, has been around for quite some time.It's safe to say that the page builder's status is on par with that of the UX builder. None of these are sold alone and can only be purchased in tandem with a certain theme. While I like the Avada theme, I must admit that Fusion Builder is a top contender among the available themes. There are already a lot of people using this theme with Fusion-Builder, so you shouldn't be afraid to try out a new page builder if you're interested in doing so.

7. WP-Bakery Page Builder

WP-Bakery Pagebuilder has been operating for a decade, making it an industry veteran. Hence, it has gained widespread use, and its page-building functionality has been thoroughly tested and shown to be both reliable and effective. Even when new, more cutting-edge page builders have emerged, I must say that they still provide very little in the way of innovation. A large number of "third-party" developers have released add-ons for Elementor that make it possible to use it as a general-purpose page-building tool. Several premium themes include an arrangement with WP-Bakery, making the latter's page builder a regular feature. However, the standalone page builder is incredibly pricey since you need a separate license for each of your sites, and it costs almost as much as a theme. The WP-Bakery Pagebuilder is an easy-to-use platform that's perfect for newcomers.

8. Gutenberg

By default, Wordpress uses the Gutenberg editor. Due to the fact that it is still in its early stages of development, this page builder is not very useful at the moment. The page builder's terrible reviews on Wordpress.org, where the plugin can be downloaded for free, are indicative of this. Building a website using Gutenberg is strongly discouraged. Other than that, the majority of people have trouble making sense of Gutenberg because of how complicated it all is. There are plugins available to get rid of Gutenberg and return to the previous version of the WordPress editor. Click on the link below to read my comprehensive guide. For best results, I advise utilizing either one of the first three page builders on this list or a professional Wordpress page builder.




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