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The Best 12 Technology Blogs to Follow for Tech Trends, Reviews, and Pop Culture

08/30/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Technology

The realm of technological advancements is enormous.

It seems like every second, a new product hits the market, a new scientific discovery is made, or some other event occurs that will revolutionize our daily lives.

Anyone who has ever worked in technology understands how difficult it is to keep up with the constant stream of new data being produced.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of blogs out there that will keep you abreast of technological developments, product recommendations, and societal impacts.

Still, the world of technology bloggers is as big as the field of technology itself, which makes it hard to decide who to read and follow.

We have compiled this list of top technology blogs to help you sort through the noise.

It doesn't matter whether you're seeking work-related tech material, trying to select which phone to purchase, or attempting to get ideas for your own tech blog; you'll find it on one of the sites below.


CNET is the best resource for tech-related news, how-to guides, and product evaluations.

The site covers a wide range of issues, bringing you breaking stories on anything from tech culture to cybersecurity.

In addition, they have a whole area of their website dedicated to smart home technology, making it a useful resource for anybody looking to install or fine-tune a smart home.

And they can give you advice on the best car to buy, taking into account your needs for gas mileage, safety, and performance.

Besides articles, CNET also has podcasts and videos covering everything from Microsoft and Apple to smartphones and wearables.


2. TechCrunch

In search of a blog that covers the latest happenings in the IT business, from social media and applications to the most exciting new companies in the sector?

If so, TechCrunch is the site for you. The above screenshot's headlines should give you an idea of where TechCrunch's editorial priorities lie. The site pays significant attention to the business side of technology, covering topics like interesting initial public offerings and major mergers and acquisitions in the IT industry.

The site's design is likewise straightforward and easy on the eyes.


3. ZDNet
ZDNet is a great resource for business IT professionals interested in keeping up with industry news, trends, and events.

While it mostly focuses on technical concerns, the site also includes popular themes like phone and computer reviews (such as how to upgrade to the latest build of Ubuntu, for instance).

It resembles CNET's geekier sibling, and since CBS Interactive owns both of them, they are actually related.


4. MIT Technology Review

Since the first issue of MIT Technology Review came out in 1899, it could be said that it is the world's oldest technology journal that has always been published.

Sustainable energy, artificial intelligence, and the economic and political effects of technology are just a few of the issues they discuss on their site.

"MIT Technology Review" has better editorial standards than its fast-moving competitors because it is both online and in print.

As a result, it's a good place to go for in-depth analyses of how technology is affecting the present and the future.

But it's not the ideal resource for learning about new technologies via reviews or guides.


5. Gizmodo

When it comes to design, technology, science, and science fiction, Gizmodo is the place to go.

Unlike several other technology-focused blogs, it also discusses current events and politics.

In case you need a vacation from the tech sector coverage on other sites, this one is for you (though you can still find enough of that coverage if that's your thing).


6. Engadget

The site Engadget covers all things tech, including consumer goods, video games, and pop culture.

Whether you're looking for a new phone, computer, headphones, home theater, or video game system, you'll find in-depth reviews and buying advice here.

The webpage is translated into Japanese and Mandarin Chinese in addition to English.


7. Wired

Wired is a technology news website covering the people, places, products, and concepts driving the future of business, culture, science, security, transportation, and gadgets.

There's no doubt about it: the news takes center stage, with lots of analytical and illuminating cultural commentary.

The site's content is often lighthearted and easy to read, making it a fantastic choice if you want to keep up with the gist of the tech world without getting bogged down in the details.


8. The Next Web

To abbreviate its name, "The Next Web" (or "TNW") is a technology news and review website.

They also host an annual conference wherein artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology (blockchain) are discussed in the context of their impact on corporate innovation.

The homepage feed is regularly updated with the most recent items, as can be seen in the image above, which highlights the site's emphasis on breaking news.

This is the site to follow if you want to stay abreast of all the latest technological breakthroughs.


9. The Verge

When it comes to topics, The Verge is the place to go.

Although technology is just a minor part of the topics covered, there is plenty of up-to-date information on topics such as device and app trends and the influence of digital media on politics.

The Verge's material is often more leisurely than that of other exclusively news sites; indeed, the site has a whole section called "longform" that delves into subjects in deeper depth than the standard listicle or clickbait news item.


10. TechSpot

TechSpot is the place to go if you're looking for an opinion on technology that caters to IT experts, power users, and PC gamers.

There isn't as much discussion of pop culture as there is on other tech sites.

Instead, as the above list of headlines attests, attention is being paid to the technology itself.

The site isn't afraid to go technical, though, including resources like purchase recommendations for hardware and software as well as tips for getting the most out of your computer.


11. Mashable

Mashable is an online publication that focuses on technology but also covers pop culture and the arts.

It almost enters the realm of popular sites like BuzzFeed in places, with tests titled things like "Are You an Apple Expert?" Put your brain to the test!

Yet, the site's video material, in particular, provides engaging explanations of several technological advances.


12. SlashGear

From automobiles to wearables to the most recent iOS and Android releases, SlashGear reviews it all.

There are pieces on science and health, as well as buyer's guides for every conceivable electronic device.

Subscribe to this site if you wish to stay ahead of the curve in terms of cutting-edge technological developments.


Get All the Necessary Technical Details
If you're interested in technology, we hope this article has given you some ideas for further research and inspiration for your own technology-focused blog.

These sites are great models for any kind of blog you might want to make, whether it's a news blog, a blog about culture, a blog about products, or a blog about how to use an app.


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